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Impact analysis – when and how does it improve quality

Impact analysis evaluates the changes that were made to a system/application to identify the intended consequences as well as possible side effects of a change and to identify the areas in the system that will be affected by the change.This means that impact analysis should be done before a change is made to help decideContinue reading “Impact analysis – when and how does it improve quality”

Reasons behind a separate testing team

Organisations may need their own separate testing teams. Here are couple of possible reasons as to why this is so: They are more likely to recognize different kinds of failures because of their perspectives and biases. They are able to verify, challenge or disprove assumptions made by stakeholders during specification and implementation of the system.

Benefits of adopting Agile methodology

There are many benefits that comes with adopting Agile methodology. These include but not limited to: Higher product quality – In Agile development, testing is integrated during the cycle, which means that there are regular checkups to see that the product is working during the development. This enables the product owner to make changes ifContinue reading “Benefits of adopting Agile methodology”

Process for handling change request

A change request is a proposal to a modification to a product or system.Below are the process for handling a change request once it has been documented and received: Information gathering step where more change request details are requested if they are lacking and any ambiguities and mistakes are clarified and fixed. Once enough informationContinue reading “Process for handling change request”

Regression test cases identification

Regression is a type of testing that gets performed to ensure that a change made to the system has not broken the existing functionality of the system. It is done after an enhancement or defect fixes are made to the system. Impact analysis is required to identify possible impacted areas due to those changes.Selecting testContinue reading “Regression test cases identification”

Preventing recurring defects

Defects do reoccur if the symptoms are treated instead of the underlying causes. The root cause is often a failed control, process, or a gap in staff skill sets that caused an earlier condition or event. Root Cause Analysis is carried out in order to tackle this problem.There are two approaches/methods to RCA: Fishbone diagramContinue reading “Preventing recurring defects”