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Process for handling change request

A change request is a proposal to a modification to a product or system.
Below are the process for handling a change request once it has been documented and received:

  1. Information gathering step where more change request details are requested if they are lacking and any ambiguities and mistakes are clarified and fixed.
  2. Once enough information is available, assess and determine whether it is indeed a valid change request. Determine whether this change is in scope or not based on various criteria e.g. risk, scheudle, available resources and priorities and etc.
  3. Identify any possible risks, determine the complexity of the work and also peform risk analysis to determine the impact of this change.
  4. Approval – Change request then goes under review for an approval.
  5. Impmentation – the change request is communicated to the team, the actual work is carried out and it is monitored until it is closed/completed.

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