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What are the ceremonies in agile scrum?

Backlog refinement/grooming – This activity occurs on a regular basis with the product owner and the some of the team members (or whole team) to achieve the following objectives:
1. Identify any new user stories that needs to be created based on the customer requirements
2. Writing acceptance criteria for those stories that do not yet have one or modify any existing stories that needs amending due to changes in the requirements or as more information becomes known
3. Prioritise user stories or re-assess them (done by product owner)
4. Assign estimates to stories that do not yet have them or re-assign based on the newly discovered information (assigning story points)

Sprint planning – The team meets on the first day of the sprint and discuss and agree on what will be delivered in this current sprint. Sprint goal is also determined here.

Sprint – This is the iterative development cycle that the agile scrum team commits to completing a set of work.

Sprint review – This activity occurs at the end of the sprint and this is where the team showcases or demonstrates the piece of work that was completed in the sprint.

Retrospective – After the review, the team participates in a retrospective session. This is where the team discusses what went well, what didn’t go so well and also reflect on what the team could do to improve the process.

Stand-up – A quick daily team meeting to discuss what they have worked on the day before, what they are working on today and any impediments that they are facing.


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