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Disadvantages of waterfall?

  • Inadaptive or inflexible when there is a change in the requirement. Requirements have been defined in the earlier phase so if there are any changes to the requirement especially during the development phase then it becomes very time-consuming and expensive.
  • Customer feedback only occurs after all the development and testing has been carried out. This leads to late feedback and the system may not satisfy all the customer requirements.
  • Takes a long time to market/delivery because the working software/system is only produced late in the development lifecycle.
  • Lots of time spent on documentation.
  • All the planning and estimation activities occur at the start of the lifecycle and this may lead to inaccurate or poor estimation in costs and schedule especially if something that was not accounted for pops up. Also the development/QA team does not participate in this activity which also contributes to a possible incorrect estimations (most of the time only Project manager, Dev lead, and QA lead take part in this).

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