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What is the testing process followed in a company ideally?

  1. Requirement Analysis – QA team tries to identify and understand testable requirements by analysing requirements document and so on. If there are any conflicts, omissions, or uncertainties, the team needs to ask the various stakeholders who have better understanding of the requirements.
  2. Test Planning – This is where typically a test manager determines test objectives, the approach for meeting those test objectives, testing effort and cost estimations.
  3. Test Design – Test conidtions are developed here based on the gathered requirements during the requirement analysis activity. Those test conditions are further developed into test cases. Identification of necessary test data will be done here as well.
  4. Test Environment Setup
  5. Test Execution – Test cases developed in Test Design activity will be executed here. If any of the test cases have failed then those will be logged into the defect management system for developers to pick up and fix.
  6. Test Cycle Closure – This is where essentially the QA team comes together and do a final review or get a feedback of how things have gone for the current testing process and identify any process improvements. It also involves creating test summary report.

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